Cubs to Time Travel – Back to 1916

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Cubs Centenary logoAs part of our celebrations for the Cub Centenary all packs are going to be stepping back in time to 1916 to see what cubs was like then.

We have asked all cubs to come dressed in period uniform for their evening (your leader will let you know when you are going to be time travelling).

This is very easy to do as cubs have always worn green jumpers.

All you need is shorts (school ones are fine) and long socks (football socks for example).

Cubs wore scarves which we still do.

Cubs also wore the famous cub cap. We have borrowed some of these to help complete the look.

If you watch “Call the Midwife” they often feature a cub pack showing the look we are trying to get.

One thing that happened in 1916 was the Grand Howl.

While it was similar to today there are a few changes that make it unique.

It happens like this –

  • Akela calls “Pack, Pack, Pack
  • Pack replies “Pack” as they walk into a circle
  • Akela calls the pack to alert (Hands by side, feet together)
  • Akela then uses their hands to lower the pack
  • The pack sit like wolves (see picture 1 below)
  • They call out – “Akela, We’ll do our best” – the first 4 words are stressed and the last word (Best) is said loud and quickly.
  • The pack stand up and make the full salute (see picture 2 below) while the duty sixer says- “Cubs DYB, DYB, DYB, DYB” (DYB means Do your best)
  • The pack reply – now making the half salute (see picture 3 below) – “We’ll DOB, DOB, DOB, DOB” (DOB meaning Do our best)
  • The pack then face the flag.
Stuart Richardson
Assistant District Commissioner Cub Scouts
Grand Howl - Wolf Cub Sit

Picture 1 – Wolf Sit

Grand Howl - Wolf Cub Full Salute

Picture 2 – Full Salute

Grand Howl - Wolf Cub Half Salute

Picture 3 – Half Salute

To see what happens have a look at this video…

…And this video…

You can compare this to a modern day Grand Howl in this video…

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