Musgrave Cazenove Wroughton

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Musgrave Cazenove WroughtonWith Remembrance Day fresh in our minds, I thought I would share with you the story of Musgrave Cazenove Wroughton, who was affectionately known as Bob.

Bob was one of the Scouts who took part in the Brownsea Island Camp in 1907 which started the Scout movement.

His parents were great friends of Robert Baden Powell and at 15 years old he was the perfect choice to be a patrol leader. Baden Powell later said that some of his ideas helped shape the establishment of the movement.

He joined the army in 1913 and at the outbreak of the First World War joined the 12th Lancers.

He was described as an excellent soldier who could turn his had to anything. Just a few weeks into the war he had already been mentioned in dispatches,

Sadly just eight weeks after the war began he was shot by a sniper and later died of his injuries. He was just 23 years old.

Roger Dix
District Commissioner

About the Author - gold01 ()

When I became District Commissioner in July 2014 it was the pinnacle of over 50 years in the movement.

I joined the cubs in Staines in 1963 (no beavers in those days) before moving on to Scouts and Venture Scouts. Having helped in the Scout section as a Venture Scout I became a leader at the age of 20.

I have held numerous roles in the intervening years, ASL, acting GSL, VSL, ESL, ADC Scout Fellowship and finally Active Support Manager before the offer to become DC proved too tempting!

I am firmly committed to the youth driven vision of The Scout Association and hope that Spelthorne can become forerunners in this aim.

I am often asked to sum up Scouting in one word. For me the answer is easy - FUN!!!

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