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The District Executive Committee

The District Executive Committee (DEC) oversees the “business” side of the district and works closely with the District Commissioner (DC) to ensure that matters are conducted within the bounds of Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) as laid down by The Scout Association.

The Chair is nominated by the DC, the Secretary and Treasurer are elected annually and the remainder are a mixture of elected and nominated members. The number of nominated members cannot be greater than those elected.

The DEC meets around 5 times a year with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June each year.

Any matters for consideration by the DEC should be submitted through the Secretary.

The current DEC is as follows:

District Commissioner Roger Dix
Deputy District Commissioner Keith Brewer
Chairman Judy Taylor
Secretary Denise Buttegieg
Treasurer Oliver Davies
District Explorer Scouts Commissioner Sharon Holmes
District Scout Network tba
Scout Active Support Manager Diana Brown
Scout Active Support Co-ordinator Rikki Rance
Appointments Chair Moira Hendry
Group Scout Leader tba
Nights Away Advisor Geoff Sully
Cub Scout Leader – 1st Sunbury Karen Miller

The District Team

The District Team are appointed by the District Commissioner (DC) to assist him in providing the sections of the movement with help and support to enable them to provide top quality Scouting.

There is an Assistant District Commissioner (ADC) for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and they are supported by District Leaders.

Explorer Scouts have a District Explorer Scout Commissioner (DESC) and the team is completed by the Active Support Managers.

There is a Deputy District Commissioner to provide cover and support across the whole team.

The current District Team is as follows:

District Commissioner Roger Dix
Deputy District Commissioner Keith Brewer
Assistant District Commissioner Beaver Scouts Lynn Dredge
District Beaver Scout Leaders Sandra Brewer and Sharron Moloney
Assistant District Commissioner Cub Scouts Stuart Richardson
District Cub Scouts Leaders Richard Wheeler and Karen Miller
Assistant District Commissioner Scouts James Ayling
District Scouts Leaders Matt Thomas and Seb Potts
District Explorer Scouts Commissioner Sharon Holmes
District Explorer Scouts Administrator Stuart Holmes
Scout Active Support Managers Di Brown and Mike Taylor
Water Activities Advisor Chris Hurley
Local Training Manager Carol Davies
District Media Manager Andy Cole