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What is SASU?

SASU stands for Spelthorne Active Support Unit.

What is Active Support?

Active Support is a way for adults to volunteer some time to scouting in a flexible way that suits them.

Active Support is a resource for managers of local scouting including Group Scout Leaders, District Commissioners and County Commissioner, to use in which ever way is required.

How does Active Support help scouting?

The ways that Active Support can support scouting are endless, but cover two main avenues: 1 via programme delivery to young people and 2 helping in the development of scouting

Here are some typical Programme Delivery examples:

  • A new Beaver Scout Colony has just opened. Members of a District Scout Active Support Unit who have experience in running a Beaver Scout Colony could support the new leadership team for the first term.
  • A Cub Scout Pack is doing the local knowledge activity badge. A member of the Group Scout Active Support Unit could attend meetings for 2 weeks to share their knowledge of the local area with the Cub Scouts.
  • An Assistant Scout Leader at a local Group is on maternity leave. A member of the District Scout Active Support Unit could act as the Assistant Scout Leader for the duration of the maternity leave.
  • A County Scout Active Support Unit could provide opportunities for Scout Groups across the County to gain experience of water activities by coordinating six experience days annually.

Here are some typical Scouting Development examples:

  • A District Explorer Scout Unit is planning an international expedition. The District Scout Active Support Unit could work with them to plan the trip, including fundraising.
  • The District Commissioner is losing track of Want to Join enquiries from young people
    and adults. A County Active Support Unit could take on following up Want to Join enquiries, which
    might involve supporting adults and young people until they are involved in Scouting.
  • Scout County runs an annual open day for adults and young people to experience Scouting. The County Scout Active Support Unit could take responsibility for organising an element of the day, coordinating activities and handouts.
  • A Scout Group is struggling for adults Leaders, a Group Scout Active Support Unit could take the lead on recruitment for the Group by attending local events such as school fairs and University Open Days.

So, how do I get involved?

Please get in touch via the contact form on this website – Contact Us (Adult Volunteers)?