Youth Shaped Event

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youth shaped event - the talking wallYouth shaped event – 20 Beavers, 20 Cubs and 20 Scouts/Explorers met up on a Sunday in February to shape their District, Spelthorne in Surrey led by the District Youth Commissioner Beth Jefferies.

They had fun activities and small group discussions around key messages – but the most popular was the talking wall. There was one question “What do you like about Scouting?” and they wrote in pen on the brown paper on the wall – it’s still there now.


Beavers like:

  • badges
  • sleep overs
  • football
  • friends

They’re not so certain about the uniform (as it’s too big) but they are looking forward to going up to Cubs.


Cubs like:

  • the outdoor life
  • climbing trees
  • canoeing
  • battleships with human football

Less Cubs like the uniform than Beavers, they would prefer wearing their own clothes, but loved the sleepover at London Zoo.

Cubs are cool and love camping – provided they were not shouted at!

Scouts and Explorers

Scouts and Explorers had more challenging questions so produced challenging answers.

They want:

  • more activities
  • more scout nights
  • to tackle issues that affect them

They believe the values today are as relevant as they were over 100 years ago.

Respect and communities are important to them but they feel they need help in selling this message outside of Scouting.

All the young people came up with very strong reasons and actions that Scouting needs to take – full notes are available.

scouts creating more everyday adventure in the south east

Scouts – creating more everyday adventure in the south east

Roger Dix
District Commissioner

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